House of Coffees and Teas in Rossio


Who We Are:
Pérola do Rossio is a Historic-Emblematic Store of the city of Lisbon, specialized in Teas and Coffees.

Founded in 1923, by Mário Lopes de Moraes, the Pérola do Rossio has remained in the hands of the same family for about three generations.

It is a shop where coffee and tea take center stage, without neglecting all the products that complement them, such as: Wines, national and foreign, sweets and jams, cookies and biscuits, chocolates, coffee machines and their accessories, teapots, etc..
The interior of the establishment is representative of the traditional commerce of downtown Lisbon, where coffee mills, almost centennial and still used, can be seen, and large shop windows where duly organized teapots, teas and coffee cans are exposed, traditional balloon machines, wines, liqueurs, regional products, among others.

Pérola do Rossio makes known, both to national and foreign customers who visit it, products of the highest quality, giving priority to a personalized service and providing moments of pure satisfaction for those who have the privilege of tasting the products it offers.

We are at Praça D Pedro IV no n.º 105, in Lisbon!