Coffee Machines

In order for its customers to taste their coffee, Pérola do Rossio also sells several types of machines:
This type of machine allows to prepare coffee with a simple heating of the water that is placed in its interior, existing models for the stove, for the glass ceramic plate or of induction.

They are presented in different formats and colors, including white, black, blue and bordeaux, allowing the preparation of 1 to 9 cups of coffee, depending on the capacity of the chosen machine.
Allows to prepare expresso coffee.
Ideal for enjoying coffee with family or friends, these machines are responsible for bringing together several people at the same table to visualize the true refinement of coffee preparation. They come with metal or wooden handle, with capacity for 2 to 12 cups.
Small, easy-to-handle machines, that being made of glass, allow the preparation of the coffee to be visualized and the residues deposited on the bottom of the coffee machine so that they do not mix during the preparation of the beverage.