Coffees and Teas


= Coffees =

Who passes by the door of the Pérola do Rossio is not indifferent to the aroma of coffee that daily exudes from the interior of this almost centennial shop.

Pérola do Rossio has its own batches among which stand out:
Batch of coffee that assumes special importance for being the batch of the House. It is a batch of coffee with a strong and intense flavor that appeals to true coffee lovers.
Batch of coffee made up of a mixture of the best coffees from the former Portuguese colonies. It is a batch equally appreciated for being quite aromatic.
Coffee batch thought especially for the hotel industry.
The batches commercialized can be sold milled or in grain, according to the request of the client.

In addition to its own batches, Pérola do Rossio has a variety of coffees from all corners of the world, highlighting the following:

• Coffee from Brazil
Coffee from Timor
Coffee from São Tomé e Príncipe
Coffee from Colombia
Coffee from Guatemala
Due to the commercialization of coffees from the most diverse origins, Pérola do Rossio, in addition to having its own batches, also produces batches according to the client's taste.

In addition to pure coffees, Pérola do Rossio also has decaffeinated coffee and mixtures with barley and chicory, which can contain from 10% to 30% of coffee, what is also much appreciated.

= Teas =

Teas are another of the jewels that Pérola do Rossio offers its customers.

Pérola do Rossio markets teas from China, Japan, India, England, Italy, the Azores, etc. presenting them in different ways:
Teas sold by kilo, which allows the customers to make the mixtures that best satisfy their palate.
Teas that are packed in small sachets, allowing a quick infusion when immersed in hot water.
Teas packed in cans, which in most cases are a piece of decoration that can be reused, to maintain the aroma of tea.
Among these are the Azores Teas - Gorreana Tea and Porto Formoso Tea - as well as mixtures of teas packaged by the Pérola do Rossio, among which are the Earl Gray Blue Tea; Melon and Pineapple Tea; Rooibos with Irish Chocolate; Green Strawberry and Champagne; Christmas tea; Fruits of the East; Pina Colada, among others.
The extensive variety of teas marketed includes the following types:
Jasmine, Verbena, Melissa, Chamomile, Lemon grass, Lime tree tea, etc.
Teas in which the fruit mixture assumes main prominence. Ideal for the hottest days, with antioxidant properties, among which we highlight: Strawberry and Raspberry, Fruits of the East, Berries, Melon and Pineapple and Peach and Passion Fruit.
Very aromatic tea with aroma and exquisite taste. It is marketed pure or flavored, with special emphasis on the following: Ceylon, Earl Gray, Earl Gray Blue and English Breakfast.
Tea with soothing properties.The White Tea Pai-Mu Tan stands out.
Also called Pu-Erh, it is marketed in packs of 50gr. In addition to this, the Pérola do Rossio also has Rooibos Tea, natural or flavored with chocolate or vanilla, which presents as decaffeinated with antioxidant properties.
Tea with slimming properties, marketed pure or flavored, with special mention being made to: Special Green Tea, Formosa Green Tea, Green Tea with Honey and Lemon, among others.
Aloe Vera and Ginseng, Ginger, White with Goji Berries, Oolong Pu-Erh with Acai, etc.
Teas that allow rapid preparation. Marketed in small sachets that dissolve in water, allowing you to taste the tea anywhere.