Other Products

Besides Teas and Coffee, Pérola do Rossio also sells a variety of complementary products, among which protrude:
Among the wines marketed, stand out the Port Wines, Vinhos Verdes, Liqueurs and Whiskey's.
Boxes of Cookies and Regional Biscuits, among which are the traditional Egg Yolks, Butter Eights, "S" of Alcobaça and biscuits from the factory of Bolachas Paupério.
Pérola do Rossio offers a variety of national and foreign sweets and jams, commercializing the traditional flavors of strawberry, peach, pumpkin, tomato, as well as others of exquisite taste like: Tangerine and Mango, Kiwi and Vanilla, Melon with Port, Strawberry and Champagne, Port Cream, etc..

In addition to these, Pérola do Rossio also sells Rosemary Tea Jelly and Verbena Tea Jelly, ideal to accompany tea on winter days.
Pérola do Rossio commercializes chocolates of Portuguese manufacture, like the chocolates of the brand Regina and Jubilee, besides others, as well as Swiss, Belgian, Italian, chocolates, etc..

The chocolates are provided in tablets or candies format, the latter being packed in bags or cardboard boxes sold in the most varied shapes.
This category includes the famous Ginja de Óbidos and Ginja da Serra da Estrela, simple honey or with walnuts / almonds / pine nuts, herbal candies, honey candies or traditional Régua candies, simple or flavored with Port wine, as well as Marmelade in regional cups, among others.