Tea & Coffee Accessories

Pérola do Rossio commercializes various accessories necessary for the preparation of both tea and coffee. Thus, customers will be able to find products such as:
They include Teapots of the finest English porcelain, glass teapots, the traditional English teapots and iron teapots, in the most varied colors and formats. The teapots have capacities ranging from 2 to 12 cups, also having the so-called "tea-for-one", which as the name implies have a capacity of 1 to 2 cups.
Special accessories for the preparation of loose teas, are commercialized in various formats such as: mesh balls, spoons, houses, teapots, flowers, butterflies, etc.
To maintain tea, in order to maintain both its properties and the specific aroma of each type of tea, the Pérola do Rossio offers a wide variety of boxes from 50gr to 250gr, which come in the most varied colors and sizes .

In addition to these, there are boxes with / for tea bags, ideas for a special gift.
Whether for tea or for coffee it is an accessory of enormous utility, the Pérola do Rossio has a wide range of mugs with diverse sizes and patterns.
Pérola do Rossio provides accessories for the coffee machines it sells, having rubbers and filters necessary for the preparation of coffee.
In this category are inserted either the electric mills, or replicas of traditional mills made of wood or porcelain, ideas for customers who purchase coffee beans.
To store coffee, with capacity ranging between 250gr and 1000gr, they exist in varied colors and patterns.
Necessary utensil for tea and coffee, the Pérola do Rossio has cups with the logo of the house, much appreciated by collectors.